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Noun - Medical condition for what happens when a person giving a blowjob gets the back of their skull slammed so hard that they lose short or long term memories of giving the blowjob that gave them the condition.
Yo man, I skullfucked your mom so hard last night she forgot we even did that. I think she has Whamnesia.
by chozo_ninpo May 26, 2011
The rated view that the general public has of a celebrity, or the view that a person has of themselves whether they actually are a celebrity or just the personal feeling that they are.
Celebritism is often the supreme consideration by celebrities when they try to figure out if they are or are still "relevant" to the general public or media.
Gilbert Godfried's celebretism requires him to mock the Japanese during the recent earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown.

I've got to Google myself to see my current celebritism.

The celebritism of this guy is insane, who does he think he is?
by chozo_ninpo March 14, 2011

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