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Someone's personality makes them super attractive.
I got a personality boner for her.
by Chowmein October 26, 2013
1. adj. - describing something as sick or insane.

2. n. - something that is sick,insane,nasty, or delicious. Possibly all at the same time.
1. Dang, that car is mad jaewoo.

2. Wow man, where'd you get that jaewoo? I need one of those.
by chowmein May 14, 2006
1. adj. - describing something as immensely homosexual.

2. adj. - describing something as incredibly stupid or unnecessary.

3. n. - any region of the body that is wrinkled.

4. n. - the male reproductive organ. Also see: balls or scrotum

5. n. - someone with no friends.

6. n. - the mess that you leave on your buttcrease after an extended period of time in the bathroom.

7. v. - the performance of stupidity to try to get the attention of a female counterpart.

8. v. - the act of being a flaming homosexual.

9. n. - a man with small balls.
(1.,2.) OMG, THAT was so jono.

3. What the hell are you doing? Why are you being so jono.

4. Aw c'mon, put away your jono.

5. Haha, you jono.

6. Oh my goodness, there is jono all over my tush.

7. Anish was trying to jono, he failed miserably.

8. Fag, you just pulled a jono.

9. How come it doesn't hurt when i kick you in the balls?!? Are you a damn... jono?
by chowmein July 22, 2006
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