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1. A game in which the lady will flop a flaccid penis back and forth between her hands or between the man's legs. The man can be awake or asleep while such a sport is being played. The game is played until the man has gotten an erection and sound effects are encouraged.
Last night after I passed out, Kay started to play tetherdick while telling me to stop snoring. Eventually I stopped and struck rigor mortise.
by chou chou December 11, 2007
1. A disgusting human (man) that is capable of breaking wind on command whether in public or private and by doing so pisses off his peers.
2. CLR (chlamydia laced rectum aka Chuck)
3. A person that will end up sleeping alone if they don't stop this bullshit.
That fart mongoose ripped so much ass it rattled the bed.
by chou chou December 11, 2007
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