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The marvelous place between the legs of a woman.
I was so hot for my lady last night, I went down for a look in the "gut window"

When I was young I broke several "gut windows"

I got home last night to find my old lady had her "gut window" open and I was sure it was closed before I left.

I'm so mad at my bitch I wanna kick her "gut window" out
by chopperzz April 11, 2008
the act of cutting off the body parts of another passenger and eating them, while riding a greyhound bus.
The dude went totally crazy, killed a passenger then had a greyhound lunch, of lips, nose and ear.
by chopperzz August 08, 2008
the act of losing your mind and killing someone, while riding on a Greyhound bus.
While riding across Canada, the loner went absolutlely greyhound and killed this dude and cut off his head!! He totally went Greyhound!!
by chopperzz August 08, 2008

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