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the fun life consisted of drinking, smoking the most blunts, traveling, having a lean & muscular body with the best memory, staying fresh 2 def, makin the most money by any means, not givin a fuck about any dam thang (especially education, if u still young), bein da shit, and fuckin the most hoez
18 year old: ayo mayne, im livin the good life and enjoyin it every often!
his friend: well, what exactly do you call "the good life"?
18 year old: the fundamentals of enjoying life compound of drinking, smokin da most treez, fuckin da most bitchez, stayin fresh 2 def, you know, recreational gangsta activities.
his friend: you know what, we on da same boat, i might az well join ya, but ey everybody's doin it too!
18 year old: now daz wat im talkin bout and best of all we dont even got a solid education, WE HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS!!! REMEMBA, it cant be fundamental without FUN :)
so, without further ado, "WELCOME TO THE GOOD LIFE"!!!
by choppaz n ninez February 25, 2008

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