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in a state of wanting to vomit or being overcome with the desire to do so.
"that is so vomacious"
by choomanzee April 02, 2005
trying to ask for a three fillet strip meal deal from miss millie's chicken at three in the morning whilst being completely off one's tits.
"can i have a fillet strillet millet deal meal please?"
by choomanzee April 02, 2005
comes from the two terms 'human' and 'chimpanzee.' it means that someone is either ahead of a chimp on the evolutionary scale or slightly behind a human being. Either way it can't be good.
"oh look! A choomanzee!"
by choomanzee April 02, 2005
abbreviation of 'totally'
"tote." (whilst nodding in appreciation)
by choomanzee April 02, 2005
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