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1. One who is fat.
2. One who is balding so that you can see your own reflection in their forehead.
3. The birthgiver of nigga-giz.
4. The messiah's mother
1. That is a donnvito, if i've ever seen one.
2. I swear that donnvito needs some rogain.
3. I cannot believe that donnvito would stoop so low as to make rob.
4. Donnvito is gave birth last night, and soon Donna will release him out of her asshole.
by Chook March 06, 2005
1. The act of putting empty bottles of alcohol, already drank, it a public place.

2. Throwing a bitch out of your car
1. Yo guys my parents are comming home; we gotta do a ghetto drop-off

2. SHE'S GOT HAIRY TITS! time for a ghetto drop-off
by Chook December 23, 2004
1. a singular noun
2. you can't be serious
3. a rapper term meaning either "is" or "are"
1. Go and pick up my ee-oz
2. Yes, I ee-oz
3. The ee-oz my favorite toy. -OR- They ee-oz my favorite toys.
by Chook December 23, 2004
creating a word in a situation where the actual word escapes you
i couldnt remember a word so i pulled a conway
by chook June 29, 2012
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