10 definitions by chonger

a person who has zits all over there body.
he took off his shirt and had zits all over, its a zit bodysuit.
by chonger November 27, 2005
Drew fatslinger's pyscho dirtbag girlfriend whose eyes are spread so far apart that her head takes on the form of a hammerhead shark.
Ashley is a hammerhead whore whose pussy smells like scallops and gets no satifaction from Drew's tiny flacid snail weiner.

Ashley: "Drew, why do those cool ass motherfuckers you call friends call me hammerhead behind my back and sometimes to my face when they dont think I can hear them?"

Drew: "Because, your fat nasty head is so big that it causes your retarded eyes to spread ridiculously far apart you look like a dirty fucking hammerhead whore."
by chonger December 03, 2005
A woman who gives you a Venerial disease, thus making her a pecker wrecker.

How did your date go?
Good until i banged her.
She gave me the hot dick! A pecker wrecker
by chonger November 28, 2005

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