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2 definitions by chomsky

Hindi/urdu/punjabi word for bastard, flows very nicely when placed after the word for "son of an owl" (see example)
ulooka putta - HARAMZADA mai apka moo thordoonga!!! = Bastard, son of an owl, I'm going to break your face!!!!
by chomsky April 02, 2006
Repulsive individuals. Ignorant, racist, pro-war, always the doing the wrong shit, always on the wrong side. A Sellout.
Stop acting like the Fucking Kuffar!

A: "Who'd win, Tyson or Ali?"
B: "Ali"
A: "Thats totally Kuffar Style!"

Person A is right, what a FUCKING KUFFAR!!!!!! Tyson would kick Ali's ass.
by chomsky April 01, 2006