5 definitions by chomple chomple

worlds strongest beer at 43% alcohol.
I'm not drunk enough yet, pass the schorschbock.
by chomple chomple May 14, 2010
so did you snooglipoop any one?
by chomple chomple June 09, 2010
appartently it's micheal bublé. good for him.
omg omg omg omg! I love bublé he's the Canadian king of swing!!
by chomple chomple May 16, 2010
very cool. can be used as noun or adjective. originating from gossip girl.
hello my nerd dizzle

thats the nerd dizzle
by chomple chomple May 08, 2010
united relationships law
also see half your age plus seven
dude! she's 17 and your 25! what about the URL???
by chomple chomple June 09, 2010

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