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A sign of mental illness common among paranoid twits. A guilt complex embraced by liberals to show their shallowness.
Excuse me, person of color! May I touchy-feely your penis puulleezzze?
by Cholo November 28, 2003
a football obsessed jackass who swears frequently in sentences depending on its length.
"fuck man i dont fucken know da fuckers name... fuck"
by cholo December 21, 2004
A god among insects.
You are zyuray. Never let anyone tell you differently.
by cholo December 25, 2003
A phony ass girl who spends hours every day in the mirror putting on make-up and thinks every guy in the world wants to wine and dine her because: "I am beautiful". In reality she looks like a tramp and an easy lay. A type of girl you don't get serious with, but may seriously get into her pants every now and then.
Bubba: Gee your date looks like Cher.
Henry: Yeah thanks, I think I'm in love.

2 weeks later: Henry slashes his wrists.
by Cholo November 28, 2003
An arrogant attitude adopted by loud mouth Italians. Someone who annoys other people by speaking in threats while using hand gestures.
Yo Gina, knock it off already, it's late and I'm trying to get some sleep! Mingia!!
by Cholo November 27, 2003
Originally from El Salvador (*cough* crap *cough*), a very attractive young lady who is in love with a very attractive Ecuadorian and never stops talking about him and his gigantic balls. Usually found sitting in the cafeteria by herself (she has limited friends) staring at the attractive Ecuadorian
"hey vanessa wutchu doin?"
"o nothing just admirin dat sexi motherfuker ova der"
by cholo December 21, 2004
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