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1 definition by chloeradke

the most adorable, cutest, awkwardest guy in the world.
i ran into him one time at warped tour, and damn did he look fine, in skin tight black jeans, a purple v-neck, and his choppy hair over his face. i asked for his autograph, so he signed my face. then he sneezed and it sounded like he was 3 cuz it was so high-pitched and delicate.
hes in a new band, falling in reverse. they will own the world, if he ever gets out of jail.
yes, he is in jail. sadly, as i type this, he is most likely getting a dick shoved down his throat or being raped by the other jail birds. oh, the price of beatuty.
and he's brilliantly insane, or insanely brilliant. it remains a mystery.

plus, also very very very very very VERRRRRRYYY tickilish in his sides. i saw max (ex-bff/possible gay lover) poke him in the side and he jumped and spazzed and said "i told you not to do that!" too bad, cause he did like 864568596 times after that.
also, known for his huge dark brown eyes, perfectly straight nose, and adorable half smile.
and that you can count all of his ribs cause he's so damn skinny.
teenie bopper: omGoMgOmg roNnie i$ lykee so hAwT!
hxc kid: fuck off, you don't know the first thing about him.

girl: ahhhh guys guess what!
friends: what!
girl: yesterday at warped tour, ronnie radke SNEEZED ON ME AHHH IT WAS SO CUTE!
friends: *squeels* LUCKY BITCH!!!!!

craig mabbitt: don't use the "r" word!
by chloeradke March 26, 2010