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(Highland Slang) Person hailing from Dingwall or immediate area. Longer version of gudgie.
Alright gudgie-coff, howsit going?
by chird September 10, 2003
(Highland Slang) Regards a vehicle of hight repute, but tends to be used in a sarcastic way towards badly modified vehicles
Have you seen Mike's new car, what a fucking weapon!! sarcastic
by chird September 10, 2003
A person who owns a ZX Spectrum computer, therefore they are your friend. Coined by Your Sinclair magazine I believe.
One of my spec-chums lent me a copy of Rainbow Islands for my speccy. It's crap in a funky skillo kind of way.
by chird September 10, 2003
to steal. Appears only to be used in the Highlands of Scotland.
That filthy mink chored my bike!
by chird September 10, 2003
Bastardized version of fit like bred purely for the use of the 'what light?' pun as demonstrated below:
Willie: Switch off that light, Deek!
Deek: What light?
Willie: What like, yersel?
by chird March 15, 2004
Someone who chores on a regular basis
Mike is a thieving chore artist.
by chird September 10, 2003

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