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A cluster of houses between Hackettstown and Hope, NJ. It is compiled of Vienna, Independence, Townsbury, Liberty and Mountain Lake. The most excitement in Great Meadows happens when our only local band, The Quimby Mountain Band, plays at one of our bars or the firehouse at the Lake. The hangouts in this area are limited, and consist of Herbie's Ice Cream, Hot Dog Johnny's and the firehouse at the Lake. It is not uncommon for someone from "Ghetto Meadows" to be put on probation for doing weed, most of the time at a party in Hackettstown, nor is it uncommon to walk aimlessly in the woods on weekends and after school. We also have a resident gang of farmers here in Great Meadows, called the Meadows Boys. They are known for their giant trucks with lettering over the front saying "Meadows Boys" and their anticlimactic farmer drawl. The summers are boring as hell here, and by senior year in high school, many Meadows Kids are dying to leave this shithole for college, but, inevitably, half of them will stay in Warren County, growing old loving the place.
kid from three towns over: Hey, where are you from?
GM kid: Great Meadows.
kid from three towns over: Where?
GM kid: You know, Liberty? Independence?
kid from three towns over: Uhh....
GM kid: Oh, forget it. I'm from Hackettstown.
by chipsanddip543 March 28, 2009

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