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that is when you flip your hat upside down
and it looks like the popes hat
hey every body do the popy
by chippy chipmunk April 05, 2005
a kid that likes his popo to much and dies
from suficating
Quick hid the devin is comeing.he has huge popo disses
by chippy chipmunk April 03, 2005
the popo that suficataes you at night and needs stairoids to get smaller
hey look that guy has arnold popo disseas we should go so we don't catch it.
by chippy chipmunk April 03, 2005
a monkey that is retarded and needs help pooping
hey you stupid sped munk get over here
by chippy chipmunk April 03, 2005
something to say to people to get them mad at you because people here it so much. so if you wanna nice old punch in the face you just say it till you cant talk no more
person #1: hi
person #2: YER MOM
person #1: SHUT UP SPED
by chippy chipmunk June 03, 2005
A FREEKING hot girl that Is FING HOTT
OMG it is hayden panettiere SHE IS FING HOTT AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
by chippy chipmunk April 03, 2005
a guy that like twinkeys way to much!!!
hey look momy a fatzo is over there.
by chippy chipmunk April 03, 2005
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