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Chippewa Girls are easy to spot because of there good spirit and nature.

Chippewa girls are hard to beat. They've got 100 per from head to feet. They've got that smile, that style that winning way...when you look at her you'll recognize her and you'll say, now there's a girl I'd like to know. She's got the good old Chippewa pep and go! Just to be with her is quite a treat its hard to beat a Chippewaa Girrl! They will come on the run in the rain or in the sun they're girls of camp chippewa! Their hair is always combed and their teeth are always brushed and at night by their counselors we are hushed, they can swim they can ride and at tennis they take pride they're the girls from camp chippewa! keep them quiet they're the girls from camp Chippewa just you try it! they're the girls from camp Chippewaa ah ah! ah ah ah! ah ah ah!
Melissa: Hey did you see that Chippewa Girl over there? She was the energy of the room and always had a smile on her face!

Sophie: Yea I saw her...She had such a great personality and was nice and friendly to everyone there:)

Chippewa Girl: Hi everyone! I'm a Chippewa Girl!
by chippies1124 January 21, 2012

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