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2 definitions by chippednailsxx

a)One person in the failed relationship doesnt want to be there.
b) Both people in the failed relationship don't want to be there
c) One or both of the relation-ers want to decapitate the other member of the relationship.

Thus, it becomes a relationshit.
Often occurs when a significant other steals/lies/cheats/becomes clingier than plastic wrap or you JUST START TO HATE THEM.
Heather: How's your relationship with Tyler?
Rebecca: I hate the way he breathes. I hate the way he eats. I hate the sound he makes when he watches football. I want to hit him with a car the majority of the time i see him.
Heather: You got yourself a relationshit.
by chippednailsxx December 15, 2008
64 9
EPIC band.
If you haven't yet heard them, you've been living with a giant gaping hole in your brain. 'Nuff Said. You can't put a label on them, they're just too good.
Kind of the major religion where i grew up.
Dumbass: Watcha listening to?
Kid: Brand New.
Dumbass: Brand New what?
Kid: Please leave the way you came out.
Dumbass: I Like Souljah Boy!
Kid: That explains it. Leave.
by chippednailsxx December 05, 2008
35 26