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5 definitions by chinesedentist

When one takes great pleasure in the act of putting something off.
When I saw that she was reorganizing her sock drawer for the second time instead of calling her mother, I knew it was simple procrasturbation.
by chinesedentist January 19, 2012
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Stools; a slightly cryptic way to talk about poop in polite company.
Man, I need to eat more fiber. I haven't seen bar furniture in days.

Dude, you should go shower, you totally smell like bar furniture.
by chinesedentist December 14, 2010
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Acting in a heedless or foolhardy fashion, particularly when it comes to romance. From the idiom "putting the cart before the horse."
I know inviting her to move in after the first date is totally carthorsing, but I've never felt this strongly about any girl I've seen naked.
by chinesedentist January 19, 2012
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Some girls rock the pads, but most prefer ladyplugs.
by chinesedentist January 19, 2012
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An opportunity to exploit, mishandle, or spoil, which due to the promise of immediate benefit, is attractive regardless of long-term consequence.
Activision recognized that releasing 25 Guitar Hero products in 2009 could backfire, but they just could not resist the rape-ortunity.
by chinesedentist March 04, 2010
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