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1. acronym for Perv Boy or Pervert Boy
-a term you use on a sincere sweet man but you realize that he's also a closet horny, playful, naughty dude.

2. also stands for Pretty Boy
-handsome, attractive, smart, hott, cute guy

3. definitions of 1 and 2 combined
1. Aisha: "Aiyy Brian! You're bad, but I love you because you're my P.B.!"
Brian: "Yea, I know you like it! hehe because I'm you're P.B.! I love you, Aisha, you're my P.G.!"
(for the meaning of P.G., please look up P.G. in the urbandictionary).

2. Wabbit: "bBoy is a P.B.! Grrr, I love his belly.. He's hott!!!"
#pervert #horny #hott #grr #pretty
by chinat February 21, 2006
1. acronym for Pretty Girl
-gorgeous, attractive, smart, hott, cute lady

2. also stands for Pilipina Girl
-a native girl from the Philippine Islands.

3. acronym for Perv Girl or Pervert Girl
-a term you use on an innocent sweet woman but you realize that she's also a closet horny, playful, naughty dudette.

4. -definitions of 1, 2, and 3 combined
Brian: "I love you, Aisha! You're my P.G.!"
Aisha: "I love you too, Brian! And you're my P.B.!"
(for the meaning of P.B., please look up P.B. in the urbandictionary).
#pervert #horny #hott #grr #pretty
by chinat February 21, 2006
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