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A legend in the annels of Fenagh folklore. A Beauty of refined manners and good taste. She was reputed to be a vestal virgin till one Mim Scala of neighbouring Bagenalstown deflowered her in the dug outs of the football pitch.. In doing so he inadvertanly unleashed an insatiable appetite for cock to which she now will oblige any young man brave enough to venture to his STD riddled doom.......
OOOHH that Moll Bennett she gave me a horrid dose of the clap
by china man January 19, 2004
1. Literally means the Chief in italian, term coined by Musolini to describe himself in the seonc world war.

2. Innuendo for the word douche due to remarkable similarity in word construction.
1. "The head of the facist party was Musolini, il Duce."

2. Johnny Tran why are you being such an il duce?
by China Man April 25, 2005
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