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2 definitions by china

hillarious person with an awesome personality, draws nasty pictures makes me wanna pee my pants and you can deff be yourself around her...wild and crazy my meltem. and she has very pretty eyes and you should be jealous if you dont know her.EVERYBODY LOVES METLEM
did somebody say cooter? MELTEM DID!
by china October 07, 2004
58 18
1. a bad joke

2. something that makes no sense at all, WTF mate.

3. exam that kicks your ass.

4. excuse to get drunk on a Wednesday night when you have an 8.30 class the next morning.
After thermo I was waiting for my prof to yell "april fools" but he didnt. That crap was not funny, so we went home and pounded down some jose cuervo.
by china April 01, 2004
17 9