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any van that a mexican drives, usually (but not always) a ford aerostar or fullsize chevy van. may also be a gmc safari, chevy astro, dodge caravan. beanervans are used to transport illegals across the border.
did you see all the damn mexicans sleeping in that beanervan in the parkinglot?!
by chin nuts June 14, 2007
child molester van. usually an old 80's panelvan (ford econoline, chevy vandura, gmc beaverville, dodge ramvan, etc...) cmv's will usually have swing out doors on the side known as child snatching doors. commonly driving the van will be a middle-aged man who looks like child molester.
the cmv pulled up with the child snatching doors waiting to feast upon the school children
by chin nuts June 14, 2007
when one person shits in another persons mouth during sex. commonly done in mexican pornos (where they also fuck chickens)
that beaner fuckin gave the other one a hotlunch right after he fucked that chicken.
by chin nuts June 14, 2007
grass that you don't have to cut. it cuts itself.
i'm so glad i planted the emograss, cuts itself everytime i play hawthorne heights.
by chin nuts June 14, 2007
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