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shit, poo, crap
usually referring to dog shit
person 1 "for fucks sake"
person 2 "what"
person 1 "i've just trod in some dog chod. what a cunt"
by chimp101 March 05, 2008
another way to tell someone to fuck off
to boss "if you think i'm working late tonight you can stick your cock in your ear. you cunt"
by chimp101 March 05, 2008
someone who fucks a frog up the arse, then sucks out their cum fro the frogs arse
see that bloke over there, he's a right frog felcher
by chimp101 March 05, 2008
to ejaculate/ cum
to do sex wee
my mrs was sucking me off, then i pulled out and spermanated all over her face
by chimp101 March 05, 2008
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