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a phrase used to show the stupidity of a statement or action made by another person
when he flipped off the cop at the light i smacked him a good one and yelled WHAT ARE YOU SMOKIN SON?

Guy A: That chick dont look too bad over there.
Guy B: What are you smokin? she looks like she just swallowed a beach ball!
by chillymiller October 09, 2006
submitting to anothers will with little or no resistence, like being raped by a black guy in prison. usually happens to guys with girls. said when another guy or group of guys is ditched by a boyfriend/husband.
Wife: Lets go look at camdles for 6 hours but not buy any.
Husband: OK honey
Husbands friend: Dude you just pulled a huge bendover we were gonna go to hooters today!

by chillymiller November 08, 2006
a person who subconsciouy coughs when they are in a situation that makes them unconfortable. often coughers are government officials who dont know what to say when asked a question. but can also be a person who doesnt get out much and when they do they dont know what to do.
Reporter: Sir, can you comment on the current situation in Nort Korea?

Gov' Person: *cough* *cough* umm *cough* sorry i have a bad cold, the current situation is slighty unstable but we are in control.

Reporter: *whispers to guy next to him* hes a cougher i can tell.

hot girl in club: hey there whats your name?

geek who lives with mom: *cough* my name *cough* is Martin.

hot girl: thats cool, my names Candy.

geek: *cough* cool *cough*
by chillymiller October 13, 2006
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