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3 definitions by chillinvillain

1. Short for "effects", often used by stage setup roadies and in the sound/light business.
1. a box is labeled "BLUE FX"
by chillinvillain October 09, 2005
1. (plur. roadie) People who tag along with a band cross country. They often will help in stage setup to "earn their keep".
1. We've got a group of roadies comming in tonight, so make sure they don't trash the rooms
by chillinvillain October 09, 2005
1. A brand name who's products include extreme sports gear for females, as well as normal clothing similar to Quick Silver. Often associated as a counterpart to the brand "Fox".

2. A rock club in Prague, Czech Republic.

1. Are those boots from Roxie?
2. Yo, we are heading over to Roxie; a punk band is playing tonight.
by chillinvillain October 09, 2005