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From the movie "Things to do in Denver when your dead"....When its life is over all you can hope is that your sitting on a boat with all the pleasant people in life having "boat drinks"
I'm gonna get outta hear I'll see ya later, boat drinks
by chillin February 07, 2005
n. A person who was concieved just after anal sex, thus shit was mixed with the sperm used to impregnate.
you are just a shit fuck.
by Chillin December 17, 2004
Cheap bastard
I asked my Dad for some money but I didn't get shit because he is very hartle.
by chillin June 14, 2004
The tire/scrape marks you see on highway onramps, curbs, and anywhere where a bad driver hit somthing stationary
"look at all the asian graffiti on the curbs in china town"
by chillin December 28, 2003
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