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1 definition by chillax66692

one of the worst places in the world. the people are just plain old rude and who ever said that pittsburgh has the friendliest people they are DEAD wrong, its cloudy, the people drive to slow on the roads, the roads are messed up everywhere becuzz there either doing construction on it or there is a million and one potholes. the people are not down to earth well maybe some, the streets are littered with trash and garbage. the nightlife sucks here, there are no young people besides college students, the girls are fat and ugly and the guys are total jerks. and the people also think there all hard and there racist. there is nothing exciting about visting or living here i was born here and i absolutly hate it it seems like it ruined my childhood. this is what i experience everyday with these dumb pittsburgers.
by chillax66692 May 27, 2010
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