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A town which idiots think they know all about when they say it's in England... IT'S IN SCOTLAND!!! Lady Gaga is thinking of moving to yester house reasonably nearby(as rumoured).

Somebody once said that people say "This town is so boring, we must be in North Berwick" they were wrong, Fringe on the beach happened there and there are several festivals. That may sound boring but they can be really fun. In the summer, it's close to Edinburgh so you can go to the film festival which is AMAZING.
Idiot: Are we in England yet? I want to be there already
Average Person: We're not going to England, we're going to North Berwick.
Idiot:Sure we are, North Berwick is in England
Average Person: Actually it's in Scotland.
Idiot: Yeah, but isn't Scotland in England?
Average Person: No. it's not.
by Chikchikaroo January 05, 2011
Making a universe on the sims 3(not a town, a UNIVERSE!!!)
Smeek:I just made a million sections in my simmerverse!
by chikchikaroo January 04, 2011
definition 1: A non-versation is when one person talks and talks and talks while the other doesn't listen. Afterward the non-listening person can barely remember what they said, therefore it was a non-versation because it was a conversation that they really can't remember.

definition 2: A non-versation is a conversation so boring one person practically falls asleep therefore the conversation didn't happen.

non-listener and non listeners friend converse:

non-listeners friend: So how was your sleepover with Jessica?

non-listener:I can hardly remember anything, her dvder stopped working so we started talking but the whole thing was a giant non-versation after that.

example 2:
Boring Talker: And so then the dioframe ate its chikchikaroo and I picked my nose! It was unreal!!!

Bored Person; Zzzzzzzzzzzzz... sorry what was that???
by chikchikaroo January 04, 2011
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