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A psychological condition that results in a Caucasian person acting, speaking, or otherwise attempting to seem African American under what would be described as "ghetto" or "inner city" or "urban".
Symptoms: using words like "dawg", "n*gger", "word", "peace out"; wearing their pants far too low for their waist/showing their boxers or underwear; wearing du rags; relating events that happen to them on whether or not that would happen to a black person...

Note: Not all Caucasian people acting in this manner are suffering from black envy. Those who are suffering from it come from predominantly white, middle- to upper-class suburban neighborhoods.
The "opposite" of black envy is white envy where an African American who grew up in a "ghetto" or "inner city" lifestyle denies where they come from and attempts to pass themselves off as the stereotypical white suburbanite.
Person 1: Eminem is suffering from black envy
Person 2: No, dude, he grew up that way. He's just doing him.

Person 1: Carlton (from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) is suffering from the opposite of black envy: white envy.
Person 2: No! Carlton grew up in a stereotypical predominantly white neighborhood. He's not suffering from white envy at all!

Person 1: Dawg, I got pulled over... and I'm not even black!
Person 2: You're suffering from black envy.
by chikachikabawow January 19, 2012
The shared line/residential region between two boroughs (Dormont and Mt. Lebanon) in the Pittsburgh area of Allegheny County in the state of Pennsylvania. This area is most notably on two of Dormont/Mt. Lebanon's mainline streets, Scott Road and McFarland Road. These roads are two-lane "borough line" streets in which one lane is located in Dormont and the other in Mt. Lebanon. People who live within approximately three residential streets from either of these roads are from "Dormanon".
Your address is just off McFarland Road. So you live in Dormont or Mt. Lebanon?

I live in Dormanon.
by chikachikabawow November 13, 2011
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