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A person whom others feel comfortable farting around.
Girl one: Hey why the long face?

Girl two: I just had a third person today fart near me!

Girl one: Wow, its like you are a fart whisperer.
by chiguy61 December 09, 2010
When your date is not afraid to use their hands to touch you on a date.
Guy 1: Hey bud, how your date with the babe from the coffee shop?

Guy 2: It was great, after dinner while I was driving her home, she got TSA friendly with me in the car.
by chiguy61 November 30, 2010
Props or respect gained at the office for dating the prettiest women in the office.
Bob: Hey where is Mike?

Tom: He is taking that new secretary to lunch today.

Bob: The hot one in accounting?

Tom: Yeah, his cube cred is through the roof.
by chiguy61 December 15, 2010
When you fart with a laptop on your lap, thus trapping the aroma until the laptop is moved.
Dad: Hey son take a look at this website

Son: Sure, uh OMG what the hell is that smell?

Dad: Oh, sorry son, I had a dutch laptop going
by chiguy61 December 09, 2010

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