23 definitions by chico

can be used in any term
im outta this fo shnicket,biatch
by chico October 28, 2003
a horrible thing to happen
man thats tragic
by CHICO July 30, 2003
a place in south australia near adelaide where you pick up trailer trash like alison warrilow.
ooh look its mick burns going in the pub....another of alis classy ex partners.
by Chico February 25, 2005
1.types of wears of music.
2.jungle loving white bitch in movies
1.kooooo styles homie
2.i hate that styles bitch
by CHICO July 30, 2003
being in charge of the situation
fo shizzle nizzle.i can hizzle the situizlle so be rizzle
by CHICO July 30, 2003
Spanish:means leave as in leave me alone
dega me puto
by CHICO July 21, 2003
any thing
im outta this fo shnickit
by chico October 30, 2003

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