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a fucked up place for racism and sexism of ppl in different countries than the fucked up place urban dictionary came from. This website is a terrible place for little kids. It teaches them the true meaning of sex in an inappropriate language many of us have no fucking clue to what they are talking about or fucking. This website should be closed down for maintenance until all inappropriate language is put away (except the porn) and all its racist comments be erased unless it has to do with Africa in that case no one gives a damn shit about the god damn forsaken waste land of God himself. Furthermore, the funny comments of ppls names and the acronyms should stay just because of thier funny liking but the names of famous ppl should be erased if you do not want the ppl of the republic to hunt you down and make u kiss ur ass goodbye. Now the sons of bitches who created this mutha fuckin website should die with curses on their families 4 eva but the funny definitions have taught us a great value: WE TRUELY ARE GAYLORDS OR MUTHA FUKAS. I would also just like to say:

Fuck you all ass holes
by chicken of wisconsin May 16, 2005

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