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A black suburban person who is fuckin rich and lives in a 5 room 4 bedroom house on an acre lot with a pool in his backyard and a full court basketball court on his backyard his mom and dad has a career and live in a brand new neighborhood in the suburbs and they still think they are hood they say they are straight gangters but wear vans, bapes and famous stars and straps they often wear stunna shades and expensive jewerlery, hats and wear levis pants they think they are hardcore but always get punks by other blacks and specially they get their asses kicked by mexicans at their schools, they are always loud and they are wanna be thugs and they claim crips while wearing red all the time or claim bloods wearing blue all the time they say they are street wise but never seen no parts of the streets just listen to the real muthafuckin g's song by eazy e and you can notice right away that not only he was dissing dre but these posers toothey are also kind of white wash but deny it all the time.
Hey ese look at that fuckin poser Dorian he is a straight up subie who don't know shit about the streets.

Hey foo look at that fuckin subie he copies evrything he sees on MTV and BET,what a fuckin lame.
by chicanoforlyfe March 20, 2007

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