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2 definitions by chic14leo

When three girls, usually friends, stand together in a triangle so close that their boobs touch. This happens when they are in a public setting like a party and they need to talk privately.

This can also be done on purpose for fun or as a joke.
"Hey girls, come over here. I have some great gossip!"

"OMG we are in a triangle boob touch right now!"
by chic14leo May 22, 2010
This is when you think someone or something is so hilarious that your body is overcome with joyful laughter and pleasure at the same time. It is much like an eargasm or mouthgasm.
Jimmy Fallon is so funny, he gives me a funnybone-gasm every night!

I went to the comedy show last night and the comedian was terrible, no funnybone-gasm last night.
by chic14leo October 02, 2013