11 definitions by chic geek

deceased, an empty shell, devoid of life, not alive, soulless
I kill you dead, MOTHERFUCKER. o_o
by chic geek September 11, 2003
teh 1337357 f0|2|\/| of "awesome"
the 1337est form of "awesome"
by chic geek August 20, 2003
The means through which we can create utopia where all may coexist quietly and contentedly with each other without strife or pain. With war-mongering assholes like Dubya around, hateful Republican bullshit, and every country thinking they're better than everyone else, its just a dream.
Sometimes I imagine that we have world peace, and then I wake up to this shitty reality
by chic geek January 30, 2004
A word Robin admittedly took from Alex using psychic powers, schwang!
Holy shit, that's bossome!
by chic geek August 20, 2003
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