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1. my rendetion of what is said in the lyrics of "Freshman" by The Verve Pipe. It can be found only once somewhat near the beginning of the song actually being "She's a punk and rarely ever." Which, means ...well...exactly what it says.
1. Chiapunkarelli ever took advice.
by chiapunkarelli September 09, 2007
1. short for technical difficulty. (technical difficulties)

2. intentional difficulities caused by a girl named Tiffany or a tiff as she sees fit to right whatever wrong you have commited against her.

3. the act of being affected by a tifficulty

1. I didn't get enought sleep last night; typing has become extremely tifficult.

1. I can't get the computer to work. We have been experiencing tifficulties

2. What a dorche! If he pisses her off he will be experiancing tifficulties for a week!

3. I brought Tiffany to the casino and forgot to bring my I.D.. She didn't hesistate to tifficulty my ass.
by chiapunkarelli September 09, 2007

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