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1. A guy/girl who pets, strokes arms, kisses shoulders, snuggles, butterfly kisses, or awkwardly stares into their significant others eyes in the blatant presence of other people.

2. A habitual violator of guy code and chicks before dicks.

3. Someone who continually updates their facebook/gmail status with how in love they are and how perfect their life is. (You are only lying to yourself)
1. Instead of day drinking, Timmy Franchise is on the couch whispering sweet nothings and acting like a total cupcaker.

2. Although Kara is a guest at my house, she feels it necessary to make out on the couch in the living room when I want to watch TV. What a cupcaker.

3. You know, for everyone who acts like a cupcaker on facebook we really don't care. You are like the person who talks on his cell phone on the bus/train; everyone may be keeping a straight face, but inside we hate you.
by ChiTNR March 31, 2011
A hangover that is not evident upon waking up in the morning, but dominates your life two hours later.
At sunrise Joel bounced out of bed, gathered a crew up for brunch, sat down at the table, and proceeded to have his day destroyed by a ninja hangover that he had been harboring all along.
by chiTNR April 22, 2011

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