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1 definition by chi-townchula26

Hmmm....well it is certainly NOT what Hurtado said.
A beaner is just a mexican (sometimes illegal)that comes from mexico to get a better job and make a better living. While the white lazy trailer trash people sit on their asses and wait until they recieve more food stamps. Then you here them complaining because they dont have a job because the "beaners" took them all. when they can easily go and get a job. Isnt it funny that the majority of white people, black people, asians etc. etc. dont have jobs, but mexicans can get a job even if they dont have papers?? now what does that say about you people????
from a lazy white person: "Damn beaners, thats why i dont ever have a job."
by chi-townchula26 November 10, 2005