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n. - A disciple of Choculus Christ, an adherent to Choculism who has reached the highest levels of choculism.
This wise, old choculama is going to come and speak to our school in a month on the supreme revelation of the insides of the burrito.
by chewy and chocula September 28, 2004
"when one feels his disembowlment* to be of noble crusade quality,. one may name this extraordinary event a shitade" *a shit
"while i felt sweet relief after my excruciating shitade, it became aparent that stitches would be needed"
by chewy and chocula September 28, 2004
v. - the act of choculation
I choculated at Burger King after smelling and eating the delicious burgers.
by chewy and chocula September 28, 2004
n.- "Meditation in the presence of food causing the secretion of choculatory fluids at an increased rate." A good choculama can choculate for extended periods of time, even out of the physical presence of food. To reach choculation, one passes through the divine. Another way to reach this divine is through starvation, though that is sacrilegious.
After visiting Fat Man's Row, ordering a tub of chicken, a quarter pounder with cheese and two stuft burritos, I almost experienced choculation.
by chewy and chocula September 28, 2004
The religion of Choculus Christ. "the affirmation in a religious belief that places pizza at the pinnacle of power," (the holy trinity: Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa Johns) and that good and tasty food is sacred. "The belief that food is the supreme form of all knowlege" and physical pleasure. The only sacrament is Choculation, the nirvana of Choculism, related to the orgasm. This religion's seat of power is in Fat Man's Row (Arby's, Wendy's, KFC and Taco Bell).
I have recently converted from Catholicism to Choculism, that is why I cannot partake with you in this low-carb feast.
by chewy and chocula September 28, 2004
n. - the body's fluids associated with choculation, mainly saliva. Although many fluids are associated within the body during the eating and dreaming of food, some uncommon fluids may arise as one progresses to the highest degree of the choculama.
My choculatory fluids were boiling as we drove through McDonalds to order everything on the menu.
by chewy and chocula September 28, 2004

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