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I get up at five in the morning. I fight traffic. I bust my hump all day, I fight traffic again. Then I pay my taxes - The End.
I have a tough life...
by Chewy October 23, 2004
A state located in New England. Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts, and Worcester is the second biggest.
New Hampshire people tend to hate people from Massachusetts, but they're just jealous because there's more things to do in Massachusetts than there is in New Hampshire.
by Chewy October 16, 2004
a mug or fool, a weak person. used primarily in west and northwest london
shut up you cheif
by chewy January 26, 2004
rude response to a question or comment that really pissed you off.
"You suck!"
"Up yours!"
by Chewy November 05, 2003
forget it; never mind it
Oh the hell with it!
by Chewy November 05, 2003
A Ball game played against steps, preferably made of concrete and about 4-5 steps high. There are normally 2 players, an outfielder and a batter. The batter would throw a tennis ball directly at the step in an attempt to make it bounce from the steps and fly in the air. The outfielder would attempt to catch the ball to cause an "out". The rules are similar to baseball, except there is no need to run around bases. The base count was determined by the distance the ball traveled and hit the ground after it was thrown into the steps.
"Let's play Stepball!"
"I got my tenni roofed by Johnny because I beat him 5-0 in Stepball."
by Chewy April 01, 2005
A kid with no spelling, typing,and grammer skills. Normally types like an idiot with no brain and has no common sense. Also is a prick to everyone.
"hey i have a sugesntion STFU"
"make my LAUGH agian and you can make crap bold as you want it still dosent make a point you n00bie"
"WTF cant you people see theres a ****ing O in my name not a god damn U and if you red the little sentence under my posted pic it says DONT WINE DAMNIT ! "
by Chewy October 23, 2004
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