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The Guinness World Record holders for being the loudest band in the entire world!
the Kings of Metal!!
by Chevy July 05, 2003
Update: Evidently it is a made up word. From an interview with Variety -
“I have a friend who calls himself Dr.Lacubrious,” Mraz said. “He’s like, it means lazy, its another word for lackadaisical. We couldn’t find it anywhere, and one day he left a message on my machine, and he’s like, you won’t find it in the dictionary because I made it up. And I thought it was very appropriate, because it is based on a friend of mine who’s the king of one-liners, who’ll say anything to get what he wants. And he’s usually pretty smooth about it.”
Found this info on this person's Site.

by Chevy May 07, 2005
Dont be embarrassed ladies guys like varts!! :-D
Like a burp after a good meal
by Chevy July 05, 2003
efnet #expressvu head oper
relaaaaaaaaaaax or ill get ZoLtRiX to smush ur face in
by chevy May 27, 2004
The act of taking one's feces, warm urine, and self-induced vomit and combining the above 3 into a mixing bowl. Next the perpetrator uses this very greasy, gooey, warm mixture and masturbates himself to climax over and over again.
Man, I was bored as fuck last night so I decided to try out the Hot Kreimer technique. Oh Boy was it great!
by Chevy March 17, 2004
a french monkey from alaska
y0 im a gook like natascam
by chevy May 27, 2004
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