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the watcher.
an elder god or possibly an unrelated entity of approximately equal power
yog sothoth knows the gate

yog sothoth is the gate

yog sothoth is the gate and the key
by cheu June 21, 2005
a fun question to ask to irritate someone who has just tripped

or to confuse someone who has not just tripped
1. (John trips)
you: walk much?

2. you: Hey, Mom, walk much?
Mom: what does that mean?
by cheu June 21, 2005
any extaplanetary being seen as an affront to the purity of mankind and his manifestdestiny to rule the galaxy in the name of the god-emperor
every xenos life extinguished is a human soul redeemed!
by cheu June 26, 2005
a lame way to refer to a sno-cone/sno-ball
"hey gang lets go get some flavor-ice!
by cheu June 21, 2005
fungoid, crablike, brainlike entities that came to earth during the jurassic period from Yuggoth, or as men know it Pluto.
the are also easily mistakable for
abominable snowmen, somehow.
see The Whisperer in Darkness
by cheu June 21, 2005
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