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1 definition by cherylcole20

A brummie stunner with a thirst for life, fashion and most of all....men.
Has the sexiest, some have said..'come to bed eyes' and the nicest nipples possible.
Never a dull moment if spent time with a 'kate', always up for a laugh and drinking as much as physically possible.

You know you're a Kate if...

a) You see yourself as poor, but have just spent yet another £100 on clothes/make-up/booze/someone else.
b) You're always looking good and ahead of the fashions.
c) Love a bit of mayonnaise...with everything.
d) Could knock a 6ft 20stone man to the ground in one smooth punch.
e)Spends a lot of time rescueing a 'Gemma' from getting beat up.
f) You're hilarious
g) Likes a good spanking.
"Omg I had the best Kate last night.."
"Yea he gave me a right good Kate!"

"I love her like Kate."
"Wow that's a lot of love."
by cherylcole20 May 05, 2009