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the most amazin sound we have the pleasure of creating following shagging, especially doggy style. the greatest thing is you can learn to do them solo when standing in your head. far from being an insult, fanny farts are our fanny's way of sayin thanks for a great shag, it shows they have a world of their own and they jus want to be appreciated!! WE LOVE FANNY FARTS!!!!!!
"OH my god the sound of your fanny fart has just made me come i love fanny farts!!!"
by cheryl and hannah February 16, 2004
used like the term scally in manchester for people who say "eeeaaaarrr" they're young and poor and thimk you want to shag them
"eeeaaaarrr, d'ya suck dick? i aint no scroat, its sorted,jus gettin fucked yo"
by cheryl and hannah February 16, 2004
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