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the act of living with a criminally sexy man but not having sex with him despite ample opportunity.
I cannot believe Libby lives with a man that fine and is continuously wasting the sexy.
by cheryl April 13, 2005

longing for a place or desire for a type of food. Missing something
I've got the Joneses for fried chicken
I've got the Joneses for New York
by cheryl August 20, 2003
A short, rounded peice of fecal matter that disengages itself from the mass and falls separately from the mass. Most commonly seen in pets, especially dogs. It's often seen dropped on the floor after successfully defacating outside. More often than not, it's the final peice of feces of the total mass.
Uh oh!! There's a tudball on the carpet! Where's that dog?! I'm not pickin' that thing up.
by Cheryl September 28, 2004
Breasts which have been surgically enhanced.
Whoa, look at those! Do you think they're surgies?
by Cheryl April 08, 2005
messed up grill aka teeth
"look at that chiptooth fag"
by Cheryl September 25, 2003
"Look at that fruitcake, he's such a fruit"
by Cheryl September 25, 2003
This is the name of the hoover on the teletubbies shown as a kids programmes in the uk i dunno weva its on in america
Isnt britain just gr8? NOT!
by cheryl June 06, 2004

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