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a term used by band geeks to describe people who only date others outside their section. This is preferred to being homosectional.
Clarinet Player: Hey, you're heterosectional, right?
Saxophone Player: No, sorry. I only date other saxophones.

Thomas: That girl in our section is pretty cute, right?
Marshall: Yeah, too bad she's heterosectional.
by cherubic disaster November 18, 2012
A term used by band geeks to describe somebody who dates people only in their section. It's highly frowned upon, especially since sections are family. And things can get awkward when you break up and have to deal with them still.
Matt: Did you hear that Ashley, the french horn player, is dating Tyler?
Preston: Aren't they in the same section?
Matt: Yeah they are. What homosectionals.

Jim: I'm heterosectional, what about you?
Jake: Nah, man, I'm homosectional. The girls in my section are hot.
by cherubic disaster November 18, 2012
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