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Group interview. Commonly associated with awkwardness, as interview candidates are forced to meet each other.
I was totally bummed that I was subjected to a grinterview. I am obviously way too unimportant for t them to waste their time on a one-on-one with me. As if I would work for them!!
by cherryblossom September 30, 2007
Disgusting to the extent of inspiring conversation and discussion.
When Richard Gere allegedly used gerbils for sexual gratification it was quite disgustive. Although in retrospect this was merely an urban legend from the 1990's.
by cherryblossom September 30, 2007
Slang for sagging breasts.
You better get yourself to Victoria's Secret and buy yourself a push-up bra. Them there snowbirds look like they're heading south for the winter. You gotta wear an underwire to prevent that kind of migration!
by cherryblossom October 10, 2007
Code word used by women to refer to a group of substandard guys in a bar or club. (Not actually referring to people from Canada.)
Angela (calling Sami on her cell phone): So, are there are cute guys at Rouge tonight?
Sami: No, just a bunch of Canadians.
by cherryblossom September 15, 2007

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