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A pick-up attempt doomed to fail. Usually occurs when the person being picked-up has much higher mate value than the one making the attempt (e.g., much hotter). Clearly, it's a suicide mission.
Jenn: Is that guy really trying to talk to those models?!?

Krisi: Kamikaze come-on. Sooooo not gonna work.
by cherryblossom July 02, 2009
A synonym for thumbs up. I.e., simultaneously making a fist and extending a thumb to signify approval.
Melissa liked my outfit, so she gave me a double thumb pop.
by cherryblossom September 19, 2007
When there's a get together with a hope of a make out, but nothing happens except for a lot of tv watching on the couch.
Peter: When she invited me over to watch a movie, I figured I'd get to kiss her, but nothing happened!

Chris: Fakeout session.
by cherryblossom July 19, 2009
Amazingly fabulously awesome.
Andrea bought a pair of Jimmy Choos that are totally fabulique.
by cherryblossom September 26, 2007
Eating at a restaurant that is somewhere between a fast food restaurant and a casual restaurant. The food is made quickly, but the menu is healthier and the food is of a higher quality than in a fast food restaurant.
i'm in the mood for fast casual dining tonight, cuz we don't have much time but I don't want anything greasy.
by cherryblossom June 20, 2011
Actually working. To be contrasted with social networking.
Nick: Why did you de-activate your Facebook account?

Amanda: It took up so much time, and I needed to get some real-working done.
by cherryblossom January 03, 2011
How attractive someone is as a potential mate. Based on things like beauty/hotness, wealth, intelligence, etc. Different qualities impact mate value in different cultures, and mate value is evaluated somewhat differently for guys versus girls.
Why is it that I keep getting fixed up with guys with super-low mate value?!? I am not lowering my standards!!!
by cherryblossom July 02, 2009

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