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Contrary to popular belief, it is *not* the meth capital of the US. Or the pacific northwest. Or Washington State. Or even Snohomish County!

It is, however, a small little redneck town nestled outside of Seattle. The drug of choice is actually marijuana, and rightfully so. Inhabited mainly by juggalos and rednecks who hang out at the library gazebo and draw penises and raver code all over the walls. People who live in Granite Falls only move there so they can complain about not being anywhere besides Granite Falls.

You never mention Lake Stevens' school distract around Granite Kids. The rivalry is potent and lingering.
You never say anything bad about juggalos, ICP, drugs, or rave culture.
You never call the weird kids 'emo' unless they tell you otherwise.

You stand in the Saratoga trail with your gravity bong and smile through glazed eyes. When you trip on a log and fall into the gravel, god damn you if you don't bleed black and orange.
Oh, he's from Granite Falls.
by cherryPercussionist August 10, 2011

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