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when a player in an online game single-handedly kills a large amount of enemy players in a 1 vs X encounter where X is often the majority of the opposing team, and when the player receives no assistance from his own teammates.
Nobody was covering his back, but when they all rushed through the door at once he teambashed them before they could even get a shot off at him.
by cherry vanilla October 05, 2010
A ridiculously, obnoxiously color-coordinated fixed gear or single speed bike. The builder of the bike has spent all effort on the bike's visual appeal, with little or no regard to performance or practical riding aspects.

Common features include more than three different bright neon colors, custom painted spokes/rims, custom strung spoke patterns or "twisted" spokes, colored chains and chainrings, colored grips/bartape etc.

See tarck bike
Rolling down the street on his checkered deep V's with red spokes to match his oury's and red hubs mounted to a frame detailed with a red, white, and blue fade, he flicked his chin up and basked in the radiance of his candy bike's glory.
by cherry vanilla July 24, 2010
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